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I have been writing lots of posts featuring quotes from novels, and guess what? That isn’t the only type of writing out there – duh! So, today, I want to share a beautiful poem by Tennessee Williams.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.




by Tennessee WIlliams

Suppose that

everything that greens and grows

should blacken in one moment, flower and branch.

I think that I would find your blinded hand.

Suppose that your hand and mine were lost among numberless cries

in a city of fire when the earth is afire,

I must still believe that I would find your blinded hand.

Through flames everywhere

consuming earth and air

I must believe that somehow, if only one moment were offered,

I would

find your hand.

I know as, of course, you know

the immeasurable wilderness that would exist

in the moment of fire.

But I would hear your cry and you’d hear mine and each of us

would find

the other’s hand.

We know

that it might not be so.

But for this quiet moment, if only for this


and against all reason

let us believe, and believe in our hearts,

that somehow it would be so.

I’d hear your cry, you mine –

And each of us would find a blinded hand.

this poem was published in The New Yorker April 2011.


The Weekly Whimsy

Hey there!

We have been pretty busy around here. Lots of new things going on that I will share! We are finalizing all of the GREAT things we will have on the shop, and can’t wait for you to see them. I hope you guys are excited!

Hope you all found some inspiring things this week, my parents are in town this weekend so I am off to have fun with them!

Lots of love,


P.S. Happy Mothers Day!

Clockwise from the right: Mothers Day flowers from Asrai Garden; brand new apartment! can’t wait to decorate!; brand new lens, to take amazing photos of all of our WJ&J goods!; REAL chinese lanterns! my wonderful mother picked them up for me herself. 🙂

The Weekly Whimsy.

Hi Everyone!

I must share that my dear friends Jamie and Matt are here to visit! There are from Brooklyn, and Jamie is a FANTASTIC photographer and is here to shoot a wedding, at the beautiful Salvage One. If you love the shop, then you will love her! So make sure to take a peak at her site.

Anyway, don’t want to keep them waiting, so I have to keep this short and sweet (kind of like Jamie, hehe.)

Have a great weekend everybody!



the way music intended to be listened to.

Hey there!

This past week I finished a few books that were on my long list of things to read.  They were really, really amazing stories and I have to say, it doesn’t happen very often that you really want someone to read a story as soon as you are done. My reading recommendations usually go straight to my partner in crime, Oany. But, I thought I should share with you too, in case you were looking for a great book to read.  The first, Budapest by Chico Buarque and second, Nobody Move by Denis Johnson.   Both incredibly addicting and fast reads.  The writing style was different, but beautiful in their own right and have some really amazing quotes that will stay with me for a long time.  Here is another book quote that I always remember and love to share, from The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.

Have a great Wednesday everybody!

Lots of love,


wrapped up

summer dreams.

Hi there,

I’m in one of those moods where I just wish it was one of those hot summer days where I have spent all day outside either basking in the sun, gardening or at a street festival until I’m sun kissed and have that sweet smell of fresh air on my skin. Ah, that sounds perfect. I’m just ready for summer to BE HERE already! Jeez Louise..

Anyways, don’t you love it when an author makes you think about something so simple in such a different way that it’s surprising, enjoyable, and maybe even inspirational?  Here is one of my favorite passages from Zadie Smith’s On Beauty, what a beautiful way to describe a skylight.

Have a great day everyone! May your summer dreams come true!

Loving you,


P.S. So excited to share.. we have a new logo! Will be more on that soon. We just can’t keep secrets for too long 🙂

sky light

The Weekly Whimsy.

Woo hoo! It’s the end of the week! Do you have any great plans for the weekend? I will be looking for a stellar new apartment and also eating some delicious food (duh.)  Here are some whimsical things that I found in Austin last weekend. Oh, and my happy rain boots for the depressing, grey and chilly days we have been having in Chicago.

Have a great day everybody!

Love ya lots,


P.S. Austin was great. It’s basically my food heaven all tucked in nice and cozy to the city streets. Warm weather, pretty scenery, a great and gigantic park, and extremely delicious food and beverage…EVERYWHERE. Go Austin!



Check out these links from photos above. Rice Buns, Ribs and White Bread, Farmers Market Sign

back to the grind.

I’m back at work after a fun in the sun weekend and already into my weekly routine.  I’m sure you all have felt it before, that feeling of severe sadness from having to come back to reality after an amazing weekend or vacation? Well, in case you have the work blues like me, I wanted to give everyone a SILLY book quote today. I love those times when you are intensely reading a story and the author decides to add some random comic relief.  I can’t help but laughing out loud when I find those funny surprises in a story; I’m sure my fellow commuters on the train think I’m some kind of crazay!

Anyways, this is a quote I always remember as one of those hysterical moments. The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood can be pretty intense and filled with some bizarre moments, this quote was at the perfect moment.

Have a good day everybody!



butter toast

The Weekly Whimsy.

and i’m off! so excited to be going on a trip to austin. i’m going to stuff my face with a ton of goodies and enjoy the sunshine!

here are some pretty fantastic things i found this week.

have a great weekend y’all!

cheesy i know. i’m practicing.


clockwise from the top left: Mirai Chan (cutest girl EVER.) and really great photography from Kotori Kawashima; my Aunt Kate’s first bloom in her backyard; outfit vision for Austin; pattern and color inspiration from Ashley Goldberg; new office space! complete with bookshelves filled with books, terrariums and organization up the wah-zooo; I got creative and took some 8 x 10 Ikea frames put the cardboard backing, glass and picture in backwards so the pictures face up and the edges of the frame serve as drawers – pretty smart huh?

lots of love,


banned books.

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I’ve started the week off with a total re-organization of my apartment! I also changed up the colors of my room to be more bright and airy, rather than the funky and quirky designs I usually go for.  Sometimes you just need to break out of your shell and do something different for once!

Today’s post is about being restricted, we should have the right to have our own opinion and be able to have a voice (without deliberately being hurtful or disrespectful of course!).  And so I present you with a quote from one of my all time favorite children’s books, In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak.  This book was banned due to some of the illustrations depicting nudity. However, it also won a Caldecott Medal, which awards authors each year for an outstanding children’s book publication.  Even with all the controversy, you should take a look if you ever see it in stores, it’s great! I can still hear my Mom and I now, reciting the story together.

Have a great week!


night kitchen