The Weekly Whimsy.

and i’m off! so excited to be going on a trip to austin. i’m going to stuff my face with a ton of goodies and enjoy the sunshine!

here are some pretty fantastic things i found this week.

have a great weekend y’all!

cheesy i know. i’m practicing.


clockwise from the top left: Mirai Chan (cutest girl EVER.) and really great photography from Kotori Kawashima; my Aunt Kate’s first bloom in her backyard; outfit vision for Austin; pattern and color inspiration from Ashley Goldberg; new office space! complete with bookshelves filled with books, terrariums and organization up the wah-zooo; I got creative and took some 8 x 10 Ikea frames put the cardboard backing, glass and picture in backwards so the pictures face up and the edges of the frame serve as drawers – pretty smart huh?

lots of love,



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