back to the grind.

I’m back at work after a fun in the sun weekend and already into my weekly routine.  I’m sure you all have felt it before, that feeling of severe sadness from having to come back to reality after an amazing weekend or vacation? Well, in case you have the work blues like me, I wanted to give everyone a SILLY book quote today. I love those times when you are intensely reading a story and the author decides to add some random comic relief.  I can’t help but laughing out loud when I find those funny surprises in a story; I’m sure my fellow commuters on the train think I’m some kind of crazay!

Anyways, this is a quote I always remember as one of those hysterical moments. The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood can be pretty intense and filled with some bizarre moments, this quote was at the perfect moment.

Have a good day everybody!



butter toast


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