summer dreams.

Hi there,

I’m in one of those moods where I just wish it was one of those hot summer days where I have spent all day outside either basking in the sun, gardening or at a street festival until I’m sun kissed and have that sweet smell of fresh air on my skin. Ah, that sounds perfect. I’m just ready for summer to BE HERE already! Jeez Louise..

Anyways, don’t you love it when an author makes you think about something so simple in such a different way that it’s surprising, enjoyable, and maybe even inspirational?  Here is one of my favorite passages from Zadie Smith’s On Beauty, what a beautiful way to describe a skylight.

Have a great day everyone! May your summer dreams come true!

Loving you,


P.S. So excited to share.. we have a new logo! Will be more on that soon. We just can’t keep secrets for too long 🙂

sky light


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