Ya got some questions? I have the answers.
Like, what the heck does the name Waverly Jong and June’s Whimsies even come from?
The names Waverly Jong and June come from one of my favorite books, The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.  Not going into too much detail, Waverly Jong and June are actually rivals in the story, due to both of their mothers desire for their daughters to be successful. The reason I chose the name, is because I think that we, as consumers, don’t always understand the struggle and perseverance that everyone endures to succeed or follow their dreams and aspirations. If you look just beyond the surface, you may find a great story or interesting fact that you didn’t know was there.  So many people have a story, and so many people want a chance to share it.  Waverly Jong and June’s Whimsies is here to give people a place to share it.
Okay, so now that’s over with. Now what is a pop-up shop?
It’s a business that opens to sell certain goods or services and then closes within a few days or months, only to be re-conceptualized into something different than it was before.  In the physical sense, in different cities all over the world, the most common type of pop ups are restaurants. Chefs or restaurants will take over a familiar neighborhood space and turn it into a restaurant for a short period of time and transform it into a completely different place to eat (different food, decor, etc).  As an online pop up shop, I will create a new concept or theme every season and feature different items relating to that theme.
So how does this relate to you?
I want to enable individuals who have a passion or dream and give them a platform to stand on.  The pop up shop will be a place where people can sell their goods and be able to utilize my store as another outlet to put themselves out there and raise awareness about what they are doing.
And how is this different from Etsy, Amazon or any of the other online platforms that are out there today?
I think that Etsy and Amazon are great tools for people who want to be able to sell their goods or service to others. But, I also believe these businesses do not go far enough to provide a tool that others can use to promote themselves and their ideas; these businesses are not personally invested in the seller.  Waverly Jong and June’s will be able to raise awareness to the consumer by utilizing the different themes every other month, in turn, targeting a direct demographic. By finding individuals who are passionate or even curious about the same topics, the seasonal theme will create a community of exclusivity and interest for both buyers and sellers. By featuring these sellers exclusively, Waverly Jong and June’s will be able to share the story, and the reasons why this good or service is available for the buyer today. Thus, creating an environment where interested parties can stand behind who they are purchasing from and, network and create relationships within the purchase.
Why is this any different than an individual starting up their own website and selling their goods online?
There are multiple advantages of selling on Waverly Jong and June’s. First things first, as a seller you will make yourself a part of community, where all people (no matter what the interest) have the same goal; to create and sell things that you are passionate about.  Second, you will also have the freedom to sell your products without the worry of the start up costs or monthly fees that you will invest in to start your own business. Third, by participating in Waverly Jong and June’s, you will create a large network of people who can hopefully help and encourage others to buy the same things, and feel great about it.
Still have questions? Well jeez!
just kidding. shoot me an email at wjandjswhimsies@gmail.com – looking forward to hearing from you!

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