The Weekly Whimsy

happy friday everybody!

Welcome to the first post in the series The Weekly Whimsy.

These posts I will share with all of the things that I really loved and found inspiring during the week!

and here they are – not surprisingly, almost all had to do with food.


clockwise from the top left corner: kids waiting to be read Easter stories at the Book Cellar;

homemade pierogi and salads at Gene’s Sausage Shop and Delicatessan, coconut frozen yogurt; Gene’s Sausage Shop and Delicatessan; simple spring snack

(toasted corn tortilla, mashed avocado and Himalayan pink sea salt); Butcher & Larder.

have a great weekend!


shop update!

Dearest friends,

Right now, I’m reflecting on the past couple days in my cozy cottage and flannel pajamas and I have to say it has been nothing but positive vibes and surprises. It’s pretty funny how nerve racking it is to put something out there into the world and not know how it will be perceived.  I am so thankful to all of my supporters so far, and it makes me feel extremely confident that this is going to be something fantastic.  To everyone who has ‘Liked’ the Facebook page, along with my followers on Twitter (just a few, but I’m confident the number will keep climbing), you rock! Keep passing the word!

Now on to some updates:

Writers Block is only a few months away and we are making some progress. I have reached out to some extremely inspiring and creative individuals that I think are going to make the first opening a true success.  Once we all get organized, I’ll be sharing sneak peeks and excerpts!  Get excited.

I’m working with my dear cousin Kellee on a great logo for the first shop. It’s been decided that the logo will be forever changing to reflect the concept of the shop in progress, and of course be whimsy and fun. Cannot wait to show you how it’s coming along!

I am starting to design the packaging, as well as try to understand how many items I will actually be selling and collecting information from the sellers to give to YOU as part of the process.

   I have a few things up my sleeve for a series on the blog that will keep you up to date on the things that are inspiring me called The Weekly Whimsy.  Look out for it on Fridays!

I also added a frequently asked questions page!

Lots of things of really fun things to do! Please keep the momentum going and share my shop with your friends and family!

Lots of love,


P.S. Do you know anyone who has an interest in writing, illustrating or typography? Tell them to email me at!

P.P.S Leaving you with one of my favorite book quotes by Saul Bellow, in spirit of Writers Block. Enjoy.


spring is here!


and with spring comes new beginnings and fresh starts. and that’s why it’s a great time for YOU, to start following waverly jong and june’s whimsies. here on this blog, you can get to know me and the things that float my boat, as well as being a part of the process to open the shop!

so here is how it’s going to work:

– I’ll be opening up my shop every season with delightful new products that come from individuals that are trying to put themselves out there and do what they have always been passionate about.  That sounds great, right?

– Every time I open the shop it will be a new and whimsical concept to keep us all on our toes and excited. This summer the store will hold things that are all about writing; by fall there will be something completely different, like pictures or paintings and winter will come around and the shop may only have things relating to.. oh, i don’t know.. cats.

– Okay! So first up, Writers Block.  I have connected (and continue to do so) with a ton of really FANTASTIC aspiring writers, publishers, editors and illustrators who want to come and share their stories with you, give you an opportunity to get to know them, and maybe (hopefully), you will want to help them continue to follow their dreams by purchasing their stories or services.

– Here at Waverly Jong and June’s, I won’t post an item with a simple description and a price.  My goal is that with every purchase, you will have a true understanding of who you are buying from, how they came to be where they are, what inspired them to create what you are buying and why it’s important to them to be doing the great things they are doing.  This isn’t an average online store, this is a place to know the ins and the outs, to feel like you can really relay the story behind what you buy, and to be a part of something really important us today.

– How can you do this? Well, like I said before, follow me on this journey! And, on opening day all of you should come back to this site and click on ‘The Shop’ link above. That will take you straight to the goods and you can start supporting local people who are doing something awesome.

get excited everybody, and tell your friends. this is going to be spectacular.